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Appointments for individual tutors and their hours are located on ON-COURSE. If you need any help with finding a tutor or any questions please email me at We look forward to seeing you this spring. Remember tutoring is important in your academic success.

Meet our Tutors

Abigail Gregg hilfinger hunter
Hi, my name is Abigail Gregg and I am from Zanesville, Ohio. I am majoring in Biology and later plan to transfer to main campus to pursue a career in veterinarian medicine. As a tutor in the Learning Lab I am prepared to help with many different courses. However, I would consider math and biology courses to be my specialties, as well as proofreading and making grammatical suggestions with essays. I am available to provide assistance through zoom or face to face meetings. College can definitely be a stressful time but whatever your concern, I am here to help! My name is Cherakee Hilfinger and I am a tutor here at ATI. I am from Stark country, which is only about 30 minutes from here. I am available to help with any math up to college algebra, speech, economy, ruminant feeding, livestock health, and your intro to animal science classes! Feel free to reach out to me about anything, whether it's school-related or you just need a friend! :) My name is Shayla Hunter and I am from a small town, Barnesville Ohio, which is in Belmont County. I am available to help with English., college algebra, and any business classes! Feel free to reach out to me about anything, whether it's school-related or you just need a friend!
lowe parrott pugh
Hi, my name is Abby Lowe and I am from Lorain County. I am a first-year student at OSU ATI studying Animal Science. I have 5 horses, 3 dogs, 2 cats and a rabbit at home. Some courses I am confident in tutoring English, entry-level Math, Intro to World Literature, Comparative Religion.  Hi, my name is Zoe Parrott and I am from Mansfield, Ohio. I am majoring in Agriscience Education. As a tutor in the Learning Lab, I am prepared to help with general education courses. I am also able to help you with time management and how to study for important tests and exams. I am open to help through zoom or face-to-face meetings whichever makes you feel most comfortable. If you ever need someone to talk to, I am here to help. Hi everyone! My name is Mitch Pugh and I am a second-year Agribusiness major with plans to transition to Columbus next school year to finish with a bachelor’s degree. I am from Fort Recovery, Ohio where my family raises corn and soybeans on a 600-acre grain farm. I’m here to help with any business-related courses such as accounting, small business management, personal selling, and any other business-related courses.
Hi, I'm Sophia Thompson! I am a first-year student here at ATI majoring in Biochemical Sciences - Food Science. Oxford, Ohio is my hometown and I have a little family farm there. The subjects I tutor in are chemistry, sociology, economics, English, and math.    


  • Don’t wait!!  Request tutoring early….good grades are extremely important
  • You can request a tutor through OnCourse. This PDF will take you step-by-step through the process.
  • Always check your email as that is how your tutor will keep in contact with you’.
  • Tutoring is important and helpful but remember tutoring only supplements what you learn in class….so always attend class!!

HELP is also available for learning about study skills, test-taking tips and note-taking

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