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Agri & Eng Technologies

Course Numbersort descending Title Unit(s) Semesters Offered Online
ANMLTEC 1201.01T Exploring Equine Careers and Industry 0.5
ANMLTEC 1201.02T Exploring Livestock Careers and Industry 0.5
ANMLTEC 1201.07T Exploring Dairy Careers and Industry 0.5
ANMLTEC 205T Brdng Lvstck Impro 4.0 -
ANMLTEC 211 Horse Husbandry 3.0 -
ANMLTEC 2189.01T Horse Practicum 1.0 SP23 -
ANMLTEC 2189.07T Practicum in Dairy Cattle Production 1.0 SP23
ANMLTEC 2190.01T Leadership in Equine Operations Management 1.0 SP23, AU23 -
ANMLTEC 2193T Individual Studies 1.0 -
ANMLTEC 2194T Group Studies 1.0 -
ANMLTEC 2200.02T Introduction to Animal Sciences Laboratory 1.0 -
ANMLTEC 2201T Introduction to Horse Science 3.0
ANMLTEC 2202T Introduction to Beef and Small Ruminant Production 3.0
ANMLTEC 222T Intro To Animl Sci 3.0 -
ANMLTEC 226T Cattle and Sheep Pregnancy, Parturition and Newborn Care 2.0 -
ANMLTEC 244.01T Ruminant Nutrition 4.0 -
ANMLTEC 245T Genetic Principles for Farm Animal Improvement 5.0 -
ANMLTEC 2510.02T Food Animal Resource Management I - Beef 1.0 -
ANMLTEC 2510.03T Food Animal Resource Management I - Swine 1.0 -
ANMLTEC 251T Milk Production 3.0 -
ANMLTEC 2520T Beef and Small Ruminant Reproductive Management 1.0 -
ANMLTEC 2582.02T Food Animal Resource Management II - Beef 1.0 -
ANMLTEC 2582.03T Food Animal Resource Management II - Swine 1.0 -
ANMLTEC 2582.04T Food Animal Resource Management II - Small Ruminants 1.0 -
ANMLTEC 2592T Leadership in Beef Reproduction and Marketing 1.0 -
ANMLTEC 2594T Leadership in Small Ruminant Reproduction and Marketing 1.0 -
ANMLTEC 2603T Swine Production and Management I 3.0
ANMLTEC 263T Horse & Envrn Cont 3.0 -
ANMLTEC 268.02T Standardbred Training 4.0 -
ANMLTEC 2707T Dairy Cattle Presentation 1.0 -
ANMLTEC 275T Meat Technology 3.0 -
ANMLTEC 276 Sheep & Swine Prod 4.0 -
ANMLTEC 2787.02T Applied Dairy Herd Practices and Management - Health and Reproduction 1.0 -
ANMLTEC 2787.03T Applied Dairy Herd Practices and Management - Nutrition and Feeding 1.0 -
ANMLTEC 2787T Applied Dairy Herd Practices and Management 1.0 SP23
ANMLTEC 2797T Dairy Industry Seminar and Experience 1.0 SP23
ANMLTEC 2801T Horsemanship and Equitation 3.0
ANMLTEC 2811T Schooling and Training the Riding Horse 3.0
ANMLTEC 295.01T Trends and Issues in Animal Industries 1.0 -
ANMLTEC 3101.02T Equine Facility Management 3.0 -
ANMLTEC 3111T Equine Sales Preparation and Marketing 3.0 -
ANMLTEC 3130T Principles of Animal Nutrition 2.0 -
ANMLTEC 3131T Equine Feeding and Nutrition 3.0
ANMLTEC 3132T Ruminant Feeds and Feeding 3.0 SP23
ANMLTEC 3133T Practical Swine Feeding 3.0 SP23
ANMLTEC 3140T Animal Anatomy and Physiology 4.0 SP23
ANMLTEC 3150T Livestock Genetic Improvement 3.0 SP23
ANMLTEC 3151T Horse Breeding and Selection 3.0 SP23
ANMLTEC 3157T Dairy Cattle Genetic Improvement 3.0 SP23 -
ANMLTEC 3161T Applied Equine Reproductive Management 2.0 SP23 -
ANMLTEC 3167T Dairy Cattle Milking and Reproductive Management 4.0
ANMLTEC 3170T Principles of Livestock Health 3.0 SP23
ANMLTEC 3171T Horse Health and Disease 3.0 SP23
ANMLTEC 3191.02T Beef Industry Internship 2.0 SP23
ANMLTEC 3191.03T Swine Industry Internship 2.0 SP23
ANMLTEC 3191.07T Dairy Industry Internship 2.0 SP23
ANMLTEC 3200T Livestock Selection and Evaluation 2.0 -
ANMLTEC 3201T Horse Judging and Evaluation 2.0 SP23
ANMLTEC 3207T Dairy Cattle Evaluation and Herd Records 2.0 -
ANMLTEC 3402T Beef Production and Management 4.0 SP23
ANMLTEC 3403T Swine Production and Management II 4.0 SP23
ANMLTEC 3404T Small Ruminant Production and Management 4.0 SP23
ANMLTEC 3407T Dairy Cattle Facilities, Environment, and Equipment 3.0
ANMLTEC 3800T Principles of Farm Business Management 4.0 SP23
ANMLTEC 3887T Integrated Dairy Farm Business Management 4.0 -
CRPSOIL 1201T Exploring Agronomy, Sustainable Agriculture, and Crop Management and Soil Conservation 0.5
CRPSOIL 2189T Practicum in Crop and Soil Technologies 1.0 SP23
CRPSOIL 2191T Crop and Soil Internship 3.0 SP23
CRPSOIL 2193T Individual Studies 1.0 -
CRPSOIL 2194T Group Studies 1.0
CRPSOIL 2200T Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture 2.0
CRPSOIL 2201T Sustainable Cropping Systems and Marketing 3.0 -
CRPSOIL 220T Principles of Sustainable Agriculture 3.0 -
CRPSOIL 2210T Sustainable Agriculture Methods 1.0 -
CRPSOIL 2228T Manure Management 3.0
CRPSOIL 2265T Integrated Pest Management 2.0 SP23
CRPSOIL 2280T Applied Precision Agriculture 3.0 SP23
CRPSOIL 2300T Introduction to Soil Science 3.0 SP23 -
CRPSOIL 2301T Introduction to Soil Science Laboratory 1.0 SP23 -
CRPSOIL 2324T Soil Management 3.0
CRPSOIL 2411T Grain and Oilseed Crops 3.0
CRPSOIL 2412T Technology and Field Management of Forage Crops 3.0 SP23 -
CRPSOIL 2422T Weed Control Technology 3.0
CRPSOIL 2580T Soil Fertility and Fertilizers 3.0 -
CRPSOIL 260T Field Crop Production 3.0 -
CRPSOIL 3800T Principles of Farm Business Management 4.0 SP23
ENGTECH 1201.01T Exploring Engineering Technologies 0.5
ENGTECH 1201.02T Exploring Construction Careers and Industry 0.5
ENGTECH 1201.03T Exploring Agricultural Systems Management 0.5
ENGTECH 2011T Small Engine Basics 4.0 SP23
ENGTECH 2015T Agricultural Equipment Operation and Maintenance 2.0 -
ENGTECH 2016T Tillage, Planting, Harvesting, and Storage Equipment 3.0 -
ENGTECH 2040T Soil and Water Conservation Systems 4.0 SP23
ENGTECH 2050T Introduction to Geographic Information Systems 3.0 -
ENGTECH 2092T Problem Solving: Career and Society Applications 2.0 -
ENGTECH 2110T Construction Drawings & Basic Estimating 1.0
ENGTECH 2120T Building Science: Methods & Materials 4.0
ENGTECH 2121T Drafting & Computer-Aided Design 2.0 SP23
ENGTECH 2150T Building Science: Service Systems 5.0 -
ENGTECH 2160T Estimating and Scheduling 2.0 SP23 -
ENGTECH 2170T Construction Project Management 2.0 SP23 -
ENGTECH 2191.01T Construction Management Internship 2.0 SP23
ENGTECH 2191.02T Hydraulic Power and Motion Control Internship 3.0 SP23
ENGTECH 2191.03T Power Equipment Internship 3.0 SP23
ENGTECH 2191.04T Agricultural Systems Technology Internship 2.0 SP23
ENGTECH 2193T Individual Studies 1.0 -
ENGTECH 2194T Group Studies 1.0 -
ENGTECH 2214T Fundamentals of Fluid Power and Components 4.0
ENGTECH 2221T Component Rebuilding 2.0 -
ENGTECH 2224T Fluids, Filtration, and Fluid Conveyance 2.0 SP23
ENGTECH 2226T Components and Hydraulic Circuits 2.0 SP23
ENGTECH 2234T Basic Pneumatic Systems 2.0
ENGTECH 2238T Electrohydraulics and System Design 3.0
ENGTECH 2240T Welding Technology 3.0 SP23
ENGTECH 2242T Metals and Metal Manufacturing 2.0 SP23
ENGTECH 2248T Instrumentation and Control Systems 4.0 SP23 -
ENGTECH 2310T Building Science: Electrical and Lighting Systems 3.0
ENGTECH 2312T Engineering Technology Fundamentals 3.0
ENGTECH 2314T Introduction to Power Equipment 3.0
ENGTECH 2322T Basic Electricity and Electronics 3.0 SP23
ENGTECH 2324T Engine Diagnosis and Repair 3.0 SP23
ENGTECH 2325T Analog and Digital Electronics 3.0
ENGTECH 2331T Distributor Management 2.0 -
ENGTECH 2332T Mobile Heating and Air Conditioning 1.0 -
ENGTECH 2334T Vehicle Electrical and Electronic Systems 2.0
ENGTECH 2336T Methods of Power Transmission 2.0 -
ENGTECH 2338T Diesel Engine Systems 3.0
ENGTECH 2345T Building Science: Mechanical Systems 3.0 SP23 -
ENGTECH 2348T Performance of Mobile Power Units 2.0 SP23
ENGTECH 2440T Site Development and Surveying 4.0 -
ENGTECH 2600T Construction Safety & Health 2.0 SP23 -
ENGTECH 266T Plastics and Plastics Manufacturing 3.0 -
ENGTECH 267T Plastic Manufacturing Equipment & Processes 4.0 -
ENGTECH 289.01T Construction Management 1.0 -
ENGTECH 289.02T Shop Skills 2.0 -
ENGTECH 289.03T Component Rebuilding 3.0 -
ENGTECH 290T Engineering Technologies Internship 3.0 -
ENVSCT 2193T Individual Studies 1.0 -
ENVSCT 2194T Group Studies 1.0 -
ENVSCT 226T Irrigation, Drainage, and Erosion Control 5.0 -
ENVSCT 229T Modeling and Managing Soil Erosion 3.0 -