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New Student Orientation


Orientation on the Wooster campus will be your first real taste of life as a Buckeye. During our in-person sessions, you will be able to learn about academic and co-curricular programming, complete university business, and meet with other new students, and schedule a time to register for classes with an academic advisor.

  • All Ohio State ATI students are required to attend orientation which is a one-day program. A few deadlines for placement testing must be met before attending orientation. If they are not complete, we will ask you to reschedule to a later date. 




To register to attend Orientation, watch your Ohio State email. New students will receive an email notification and instructions to select an orientation date. Requests for needed information, reminders and any changes regarding your Orientation will only be sent to your Ohio State email account, so make sure your account is active and that you check it frequently.
It is important you make your reservation for Orientation early. Some sessions fill quickly, and reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. If you delay, you may not get your first choice.
Ohio State ATI Orientation dates:
• Wednesday, June 8 
• Thursday, June 9 
• Friday, June 10 
• Thursday, July 7 
• Friday, July 8 
• Friday, Aug. 5 

Carmen Course

• CarmenCanvas is Ohio State's learning management system, used by instructors, staff, and teaching assistants to create and share course materials. It's named for the song "Carmen Ohio"—Ohio State's alma mater. 

• How to log into CarmenCanvas can be tricky. 
 See this YouTube video for step-by-step instructions.

• We will be utilizing the CarmenCanvas for orientation where you can find the following items:
       Placement test information
       Digital Flagship
       Informational videos about housing, financial aid, and many others!
       Campus resources
       Links to the day-of-orientation Zoom meetings
       And so much more!

**If you’re required to take an English placement exam, this will be completed in a separate CarmenCanvas class. 

Placement Testing

Ohio State ATI uses placement testing to determine the appropriate course placement in math and English. Not every student will be required to take placement tests, as students are evaluated on an individual basis. It is important that you spend time preparing for these tests in advance. Find sample problems for the Math Placement exam and topics covered here.
Both math and English Placement tests are:
• Completed online
• Due 10 business days before your orientation date - see the chart below for your deadline. 
test deadlines

 If your placement test(s) are not completed 10 business days before your program date, you will be contacted to reschedule your program date.

For more information on each test, visit the math and English page.

Prior college credits

You must arrange to have the official scores and official transcripts sent 15 days prior to your scheduled orientation date. See chart below.
credit deadlines
Send transcripts to the following address:

The Ohio State University
Undergraduate Admissions
P.O. Box 182646
Columbus, OH 43218-2646

disability services/accommodations

Students with disabilities should contact the Office for Disability Services at 330-287-1258 to make alternate arrangements for taking any placement test. This includes students who may need:
• extended time
• a scribe
• a reader
• other support services.
If you have had accommodations in the past and have not met with the Office for Disability Services to determine the accommodations that will be provided to you at Ohio State ATI, you need to meet with the Office for Disability Services prior to completing your placement test.
It is very important that the review for accommodations and then placement testing occurs in the appropriate order. Accommodations are not retroactive, so if a placement test is taken prior to the review by the Office for Disabilities Services to determine accommodations, it cannot be retaken.
For more information on what services are provided, visit the Disability Services page.


• Your time as a Buckeye is just beginning with orientation being the first step. We are excited to see you in Autumn however, there are a few tasks that need attention before classes start. If some of the items listed below are not complete by the time you arrive on campus, a monetary fee could be added to your statement of account. 
       College Student Inventory
       Submitting a photo for your BuckID
       Completing selective service registration
       Select or waive health insurance
       “U Got This!” online training

**See the CarmenCanvas orientation site for more instructions on each of those tasks


If you need to change your orientation date or have other questions, you may contact us by email at or by phone at 330-287-1340.
If you have technical difficulties with your OSU username or password, please call 614-688-HELP (4357) or email